Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anthem is the Proud Winner of Two "Best of 2009" Awards from Secrets of Home Theater!

Secrets of Home Theater recently announced the "Best of 2009"awards and Anthem is honored to accept awards for two separate categories!

The Statement D2v won for "Best Surround Sound Processor of 2009" and the LTX 500 won for "Best High-End Projector of 2009"

Check out the Secrets of Home Theater Best of 2009 awards by clicking here!

Friday, December 4, 2009

D2v makes the cut for SoundStage! Publisher's Choice: My Five Favorites of 2009

After writing about the D2v in an October article entitled Anthem's Statement D2v Preamplifier-Processor: A Bridge Between the Worlds, Doug Schneider, publisher of SoundStage! picked the D2v for his top five favorites of 2009!

"...What makes it special is the high level at which it reproduces music and movies -- something, I've found, that not all pre-pros can do. Usually it's the sound that suffers, but not with the D2v -- which helps make it one of the most appealing products on the market right now for anyone who wants to set up a great audio/video system with the least amount of fuss..."

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another great review of the LTX 500 Projector!

Andrew Marshall of Audio Ideas Guide in his review of the LTX 500 LCOS projector said...

"The LTX was outstanding in its resolution, colour accuracy, geometric perfection, absence of motion artifacts, and overall natural picture quality. What more could you ask of a video display device?"

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