Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anthem AVM 50v 3D earns Reviewers' Choice!

Aron Garrecht of SoundStage! recently reviewed our AVM 50v 3D processor and not only did he have a lot to say in his wonderfully thorough review, he also gave it "Reviewers' Choice" status! We've snipped quite a bit from his review for you to read here, but for those who are in the market for a 3D processor, we highly recommend you give Aron's review a full read.

Here's the skinny (if you can call it that)...

"The front panel... is still the antithesis of a minimalist approach, but this is one of the things I found endearing about this processor... These easy-access buttons were a joy to use... Around back, I couldn’t imagine anyone needing more flexibility... It’s the AVM 50v 3D’s flexibility that sets it apart from the crowd..."

Jack of all Trades
"...the AVM 50v 3D looked to be a high-quality jack of all trades, and I greatly anticipated exploring two of its greatest attributes: ARC, and Anthem’s implementation of the Sigma Designs VXP video processor. If you’ve heard of Anthem, you’ve probably heard of ARC, which is widely considered one of the top room-correction softwares in the industry."

"...As impressed as I was with the engineering behind ARC, and the results... I was equally beguiled by the AVM 50v 3D’s prowess with video."

Realism and the Experience
"...Added realism is exactly what I was witness to... The thud of each drone’s touchdown was presented with a sense of impact, solidity, and transient speed that I’m not used to hearing."

"And the AVM 50v 3D’s video performance during this scene was simply stellar. As the camera pans around the atrium while the drones are landing, the motion is smooth and meticulous without even a hint of jaggedness. Gray-scale control was fantastic, revealing details in the shadowy background I hadn’t seen before: I could now see, in darker areas, where the grass ends and the bushes begin. I could count ripples in the water in the distant surrounding ponds, and could see individual leaves on the darker trees in the distant background."

"...the peak and valley of each groove... was maintained throughout... Each sound was perfectly placed in my room..."

Clear, Crisp, Smooth 3D
"I then turned off all of the Anthem’s post-codec processing, changed my JVC RS50u projector to 3D mode, and put in Tron: Legacy 3D. With its 7.1-channel DTS-MA soundtrack and outstanding 3D picture quality, this Blu-ray is a tour de force....What I did see were clear, crisp, smooth 3D images with excellent color rendition and focus that popped off the screen when asked to."

"But with the AVM 50v 3D set to simply apply ARC and pass along 7.1 audio, I began to notice a few welcome changes, particularly with actors’ voices... The level of detail during the shattering of the glass sounded more like what I’m used to. As well, the audience and applause in all four surround speakers could now be heard with less effort, and the referee’s voice, coming from the entire front of the soundstage, now sounded bigger and more in the room."

Best Picture Quality
"...the Anthem was better, offering the best picture quality I’ve ever seen -- not only in my own room, but from any video-scaling device I’ve seen anywhere. Black levels were deeper, jaggies were further reduced, edges were crisper with both standard- and high-definition material, upscaled DVDs were as close to true HD as I’ve seen, and there was a notable increase in detail retrieval and overall sharpness."

Benchmark Product
"It had been some time since I’d reviewed any home-theater gear, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I’d spent some time with Anthem’s new AVM 50v 3D A/V processor. Fully configured, it generated the best picture and the most holistic soundstage I’ve seen or heard in my room. The levels of performance, engineering, and outright value that Anthem offers ... scream "Bench Mark Product!" Highly recommended!!"

Click here! to read Aron Garrecht's review of the AVM 50v 3D.
Click here! for more information on the AVM 50v 3D.

Friday, October 26, 2012

MRX 300 earns 4.5 Stars from Trusted Reviews!

Trusted Reviews put the MRX 300 to the test and liked it so much it was given "Trusted Reviews Recommended" status and 4.5 stars (a score of 9/10). 

With top scores in performance and sound quality, this what they had to say...

"There are levels of refinement and raw power at play here that instantly justify the price tag – particularly with ARC working its magic... And sure enough it’s a wonderful performer, delivering a potent yet refined sound with lots of detail and visceral bass – helped along by the nigh-on miraculous effects of ARC, the superb room correction system. It’s for this reason that Anthem gets our recommendation despite its lack of eye-catching features."

This is your "Coles Notes" on the MRX 300 review from Trusted Reviews. In reality, it is a very thorough review, but well worth the read, if you have some time.

Click here! to read the full MRX 300 review by Trusted Reviews.
Click here! for more information on the Anthem's MRX receivers.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MRX 700 earns a 5 Star review from What Hi-Fi!

When the headline for an Anthem review includes 5 stars and the quote "well worthy of a serious audition - don't delay", we're listening! (And we hope you are too!) And that's exactly what you'll read when stumbling across the What Hi-Fi review on the Anthem MRX 700.

We'd much prefer that you give What Hi-Fi guys the honor of reading the review on their website, but just ensure that you do, here's a teaser...

"What do you think is important in a high-end multichannel amp? If your answer is sound quality above all else, then Anthem’s new MRX 700 deserves your full attention... All in all this is a terrific performance for the money."

Click here! to read the MRX 700 review by What HiFi.
Click here! for more information on Anthem MRX receivers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MRX 300 earns AVForums.com "Best Buy" Award!

After reviewing and awarding the MRX 700 in January 2012 the esteemed "Best Buy" status, AVForums.com in the UK decided to give his younger sibling a go (Anthem's MRX 300). Well the review has been published and wouldn't you know it, the MRX 300 also earned the AVForums.com "Best Buy" award too! (Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)

We encourage you to do a thorough read of the review, but here's a few lines to give you an idea of what's in store...

"In terms of audio quality, the MRX 300 is a wonderful performer and despite only being rated at 80W per channel, it has plenty of power for any normal room. Anthem's proprietary room correction software (ARC) worked wonders, resulting in a beautifully rendered performance. The MRX 300 brought new life to even very familiar movie soundtracks, with a dynamic and precise delivery and some genuinely impressive bass. The integration of the overall sound field was excellent, whilst the rears had a lively presence that resulted in an immersive surround experience."

"If it's pure audio performance you're looking for, then look no further."


"The MRX 300 was equally as assured with music, be it multi-channel or stereo, providing a subtle and nuanced performance. When reproducing stereo in particular, there was a transparency to the sound that retained all the detail in the original recordings, whilst delivering them with enthusiasm and genuine insight."

A Rare Receiver 
"In fact the ability to handle both music and soundtracks makes the MRX 300 one of those rare receivers that works just as well regardless of your listening preferences...if it's pure audio performance you're looking for, then look no further. In fact the only receivers offering better performance at this price range have also got Anthem written on the front. A definite Best Buy!"

Click here! to read the full Anthem MRX 300 review.
Click here! for more information on MRX series receivers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now Shipping... Anthem AVM 50v 3D and D2v 3D!

We are pleased to announce that Anthem's acclaimed A/V processors: the AVM 50v and Statement D2v are now equipped with 3D!

This means that starting today if you order an AVM 50v 3D or D2v 3D, it will include the following: 
  • HDMI inputs 1 through 4 now support 3D pass-through mode, switching automatically upon sensing a 3D source.
  • Output 1 passes the 3D signal to your video display.
  • Resolutions up to 1080p.
  • Auto refresh rate is now automatically matched to the source’s frame refresh rate — useful for sources that output a mix between 24, 50 and 60 Hz.
If you are a D2v or AVM 50v owner and are interested in the 3D upgrade, please contact your authorized Anthem dealer for details.

Click here! for more information on the AVM 50v 3D.
Click here! for more information on the Statement D2v 3D.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stereo Design shows off the guts of the Anthem Statement M1 monaural amplifier in this video...

Click here! To learn more about the M1 amplifier.
Video compliments of Anthem dealer Stereo Design San Diego, CA

Friday, April 13, 2012

Anthem's MRX 700 Receiver earns Stellar Sound Award from the Everything Audio Network

John Gatski of Everything Audio Network reviewed the MRX 700 and although the nice "Stellar Sound!" award might give it away, this is what he had to say...

The Setup
"The setup and operation of the MRX is easy. I do a lot of receiver reviews, and this Anthem ranks up there as being one of the easiest to setup. The GUI, as transmitted to the monitor, is easy to read and follow, including the ARC room correction analysis. It took me all of 15 minutes to be up and running."

"Having previously used the ARC DSP-setup software, I let it do its auto measurement magic and setup using the included mic and software run on the Windows side of my Macbook Pro. The ARC is one of the few receiver auto-setup, audio software packages that accurately sees how flat my room is, especially in the bass, and applies its EQ compensation sparingly. After the ARC setup, I confirmed the channel levels with my Audio Control 3050 RTA/SPL monitor and calibrated test microphone. It revealed that the ARC did a fine job analyzing my room because there was very little EQ applied. I have tweaked and treated this listening room over its nearly 20 years of use to where it sounds really good and does not need much electronic compensation."

The Audition - Theater
"The MRX delivered impressive results... with a deep and wide soundstage, localized and detailed effects panning, and abundant use of the LFE channel... Through all the sonic intensity, I noted a welcome smoothness in the Anthem's audio delivery that belied how loud the SPL meter indicated - which is just what you want out of a serious home theater receiver.

The Audio - Music
"The MRX delivered audiophile-like details from this well recorded early 1970s gem. The studio reverb effect really pops out via the high-res playback... Audiophiles who like using receivers, will appreciate the Anthem's sonic finesse."

Complaints? ... No
"I had no complaints with the MRX 700. No glitches or software bugs... I set up another set of stereo speakers in another room to provide more music coverage throughout my house. No problems there either. It could easily drive the two extra speakers to massively loud levels.

The Verdict
"The well priced Anthem MRX 700 is a high-performance multichannel receiver with enough features to satisfy audio/video purists and the gizmo zealots as well. For my use, its A/V performance and ease of use is the key to my top rating, and it receives (no pun intended) an Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award!"

Click here! to read the full Everything Audio review.
Click here! for more information on the MRX 700.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Anthem recognized for Sales & Marketing Assistance in CE Pro "Quest for Quality" Awards

CE Pro readers have voted, the results for the 2012 "Quest for Quality" awards are out and Paradigm & Anthem are honored to accept the silver award for 'Sales & Marketing Assistance'!

The Quest for Quality Awards are unique because they recognize services, not products like most industry awards. Companies are nominated by thousands of CE Pro readers, so we couldn't be more flattered!

A special thank you is owed to each of the employees on the Paradigm & Anthem Sales and Marketing teams. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get everyone in one place, but we did manage to pin down some of the members of each team to say thank you (see below). To all who are not pictured and are out in the field supporting our brands on a day-to-day basis, please give yourselves a huge pat on the back for your passion, enthusiasm and helping hands!

The Paradigm & Anthem US Regional Sales Managers

 Group shot of the Paradigm & Anthem Marketing Team (minus 1)
Click here! for more on the CE Pro "Quest for Quality" Awards.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh Canada! Anthem stands proud in the Canadian Pavilion showcase at SSI Montreal Show

Last weekend's Salon Son & Image (SSI) Audio Show in Montreal was a success but this year the show included something a little bit different... a little bit patriotic! As all audio geeks know, Canada has a pretty spectacular reputation for housing some of the world's most respected audio companies (*cough* Anthem & Paradigm *cough*). To celebrate the success of Canadian audio brands, the Salon Son & Image organizers started the Canada Pavilion (Pavillon du Canada) to showcase these audio companies and their products. And included in the long list on display were a couple of consumer favourites from Anthem, which SoundStage! captured so beautifully below...

From left to right, Anthem's Statement D2v and M1 monaural amplifier

On display in the Anthem area of the showcase was Anthem's long-standing industry favourite, the Statement D2v pre-amplifier/processor and the all-new proprietary Statement M1 1000W monaural amplifier.

Also on display, was Anthem's sister company Paradigm, showing off their Reference Studio 20 v.5 bookshelf speaker in Rosenut, AMS-150R-30 Designer Series thin-bezel in-ceiling speaker, multiple awarding-winning Reference MilleniaOne satellites in White Gloss, Reference Seismic 110 subwoofer (a.k.a. "the bull dog"), SHIFT Series A2 powered speaker in Vermillion Red Gloss and the interior decorator's dream, MilleniaSub in Satin White.

Click here! for more SoundStage! coverage 
of the Canadian Pavillion and SSI 2012 show.

Monday, March 26, 2012

MainStreet America to feature Anthem & Paradigm

Opening this Summer 2012, MainStreet America® is a year-round destination located in Houston, Texas, where today's consumer can Explore, Experience & Enjoy the latest in home building products and services.

Among the many partners involved, Anthem & Paradigm are excited to take part in such an expansive install. We look forward to having an array of electronics and speakers on display and demo in real home environments.

In an area the size of two football fields, visitors will be able to:
Enjoy ...

Click here for more information on MainStreet America 
& for updates on the grand opening.

Friday, March 16, 2012

MRX Strikes Gold with Sound Vision Install Award

Anthem is proud to announce a gold award win for MRX in the category of "Best AV Amplifier / Receiver" from Sound Vision Install (SVI) in the UK!

The SVI Trade Awards are voted by CI installers themselves, which speaks volumes for the Anthem brand. It is a true honor!

Click here! for more information on the Anthem MRX series.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Pick the Best Screen for Your Room

When installing your home theater or dedicated theater room, screen ratio, screen size and seating distance are all important factors to consider before starting construction... but how do you know the right combination? 

Well, thanks to the good folks at Screen Innovations, there is a very helpful online tool to determine just that! The SI Seating Distance Calculator is a simple two-step process that will help you determine the right screen size for your room. All you have to do is select the screen ratio from a drop down menu and then using a cool little drag feature (see image above) you pick your seating distance. Once you have done so, your screen size recommendations are listed by: THX Min Size, SMPTE size and THX Max Size.

How cool is that? Now you're ready to shop for the perfect screen.
Click here! for Screen Innovation's "Seating Distance Calculator".

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anthem makes Stereophile's 2012 Recommended Components List

Stereophile's April 2012 issue has hit the shelves and this edition features the 2012 Recommended Components list as chosen by Stereophile editors. They have rated the top 700 audio products, including everything from classic loudspeakers to the newest digital players and included a couple of good grades for Anthem!

Music Surround-Sound Components 
(Other than Speakers and Disc Players)

Anthem Statement D2v

Anthem MRX 700

To see the full list of "Recommended Components" 
pick up the April 2012 issue of Stereophile from newstands.

Click here! to learn more about the Anthem Statement D2v.
Click here! to learn more about the Anthem MRX 700.

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Anthem’s M1 is an unreserved success at the cutting edge of amplifier design" - Hi-Fi News

Richard Stevenson of Hi-Fi News in the UK got his hand on an Anthem Statement M1 and reviewed it in the latest issue, (which is currently available on news stands). We have covered some of the highlights below but Stevenson approached the review with an unbelievable amount of detail. We hope you will take the time to read the full review.

"The sheer dynamic scale of the presentation is truly breathtaking, putting a Cheshire Cat sized grin on my face almost immediately."

"Their control is seemingly limitless, each bass note etched into the overall sound with class-leading tautness
and astounding clarity. Push the volume some more and nothing sags, gives or sounds strained in any way. The M1 has the high volume dynamic of a well set-up live gig, maintaining an impressive balance even when your trousers are flapping like flags in a breeze."

"I suspect the M1s’ volume reserves are limited only by someone, potentially several streets away, complaining or one of the speakers throwing in the towel. With Infected Mushroom sounding like a top Ibiza dance gig I finally bottled out at close to 110dB at the sofa – mostly because I didn’t want to start the year with a bill for a new pair of tweeters."

"It is easy to describe a large power amplifier as effortless but that is not necessarily an accurate description of the M1s. The sound is strictly focused, tight and polished across the volume range without the sometimes lazy richness that big amps can demonstrate at lower levels. The M1’s speed and transient attack brings an authentic edgy realism to instruments, particular acoustic ones."

"I would go so far to say that if you feed the M1s an immaculately mastered and well recorded tune, they will deliver power, precision and articulation like precious few power amps at the price."

"The underpinning bass line was taut and expressive, never in danger of getting bloated or out of shape. The M1s commanded the speakers to eke out all the depth they could muster but never filled in speaker shortcomings with artificial bloom in the upper LF to compensate."

"Those with small speakers will not be fooled into thinking they have floorstanders by the M1s, but will note the incredible openness and detailing throughout the mid-bass. Those with big speakers – even designs with really wallowing bass drivers – will realise a whole new level of LF grip and articulation down to the very lowest limits of the speaker response."

"The M1s crafted this two minutes of magic into an utterly sublime listening experience that reminded me exactly why I love music and hi-fi so much in the first place."

"Anthem’s M1 is an unreserved success at the cutting edge of amplifier design. It delivers stunning clarity, excellent dynamics and frankly frightening power in a form factor that is practical and energy efficient... the M1 has the ability to thrill with any genre of music. It punches way above its weight in every respect."

To read the full review, pick up the February 2012 issue of HiFi News currently available on news stands.

For more information on the Anthem Statement M1 amplifier, click here!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We're Hiring!

Do you have background in painting, sanding or quality assurance/control? We are looking to fill three positions in the Production and Quality departments at our headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.

If you have a background in any of the above mentioned areas and are interested in joining our team, click here for details, position requirements and instructions on how to apply.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Ultimate Man Cave of Former NY Giants Star Sports Anthem Electronics & Paradigm Speakers

Former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer just completed his man cave, a project he initiated long before the Giants made it into the Superbowl this year. Designed and installed by Todd Anthony Puma of  The Source Home Theater Installation & Design, New York City, the system features high-end equipment from Anthem, Paradigm, Wolf and Screen Innovations.

The deadline set by Amani for the install was this year's Superbowl, just in case the Giants didn't make it to the end. Although Amani will be watching his team take on the New England Patriots from the
Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis instead, his man cave is complete and ready for future enjoyment.

A large portion of the install process was auditioning the audio equipment. “For this room, above all else, I wanted a surround-sound system that made me feel like I was right in the middle of the action,” says Toomer. “That’s the one thing I’ve never loved about surround-sound: I’ve never felt like I was actually there. I’ve always felt like I was almost there. I don’t want almost. If I’m watching a game, I want to feel the attack.”

To make the selection easier, Toomer visited Puma’s home to audition a few different audio setups. “We listened to three different systems,” says Puma. In the end Toomer selected Paradigm Studio series speakers and matching subwoofers powered by Anthem's MRX 700 receiver, mentioning that the Paradigm & Anthem system sounded “fuller and less trembly” than the others.

The end result? A bad a$$ theater room with beautiful decor to match. Amani Toomer’s “Ultimate Man Cave” will air on “First Look” on LXTV, the NY local NBC Channel 4 station at 12:30 AM ET on Sunday, February 5th. It will also air on national television on NBC’s “OPEN HOUSE” program airing at 8:30am on Superbowl Sunday.

Click here! to view Toomer's install photo slideshow.
Click here! to read the full EH "Cool Homes" article
For more information on Anthem MRX receivers click here!
For more information on Paradigm Studio series click here!

Monday, January 23, 2012

MRX 700 earns AVForums.com "Best Buy" Award

AVForums reviewed the MRX 700 and gave it the "Best Buy" stamp of approval, comparing it to the "physique, poise and accuracy of a mid 80s Russian gymnast...where its grip and control of real world loudspeakers manifests itself in a very taught, textured delivery that has real - as in hi-fi levels of - detail and refinement."

Here are some more of our favourite quotes from this review...

"With enough real world power to shake the room with whatever speakers you choose; it polishes this with a subtle and nuanced performance which is both deft and vice like in its grip. This transfers well to music, with an open and transparent reproduction that propels music along with enthusiasm and insight, eschewing the superficially more impressive, but ultimately less communicative reproduction of its peers."

"That this ability is further heightened, rather than quashed by the use of the ARC room correction is, I feel, reason enough to push the MRX 700 to the top of your audition list. I've been continually impressed the subwoofer cousin of ARC (PBK) and hearing its effectiveness with all channels at such a low price point has only served to make me wonder why so many others get it so wrong."

"There are two points that were very clear to me after my first, extended, thrashing of the MRX 700. The first is that if this is 'only' a 7x120W of amplifier, then somebody should tell Anthem their Watts are larger than the competitions. Okay, I only run 5.1, but as any visitors to Williams towers will confirm, the listening room is quite large and I'm prepared to fill it to the corners with sound and the MRX-700 was well up to the task, without losing it's composure."

"It was during one of my music sessions that the second revelation hit me. For the first time ever, I preferred music with the EQ switched ON and I still can't believe I've just written that. Turn ARC on and the stereo soundstage increases slightly in size, tightens up in terms of focus, but because most of its doings are focused toward the bottom end of the range (I tended to set the EQ to an upper limit of 1kHz) the natural life and sparkle survived untouched."

"Forget the spec sheets, get out and hear the MRX 700. There is no spec sheet for sheer class and the MRX 700 delivers it by the bucket."

The above quotes only touch on the theme of the review. We encourage you to read the review in full at AVForums.com

For more information on Anthem MRX receivers, click here!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anthem makes a "Statement" at CES 2012 with Awards & New Statement M1 Amplifier

CES 2012 wrapped up last week and based on attendance and show coverage, we're calling it a great success at Anthem & Paradigm! With the introduction of new products, a mind-blowing 2-channel high-end demo as well as a few sneak previews of upcoming products, the Anthem & Paradigm suites at the Venetian were buzzing with excitement! So here's a summary of what went on...

The show kicked off on a high note with a prestigious award for Anthem... The SoundStage! Network handed out their "Product of the Year" awards and the MRX 700 won "Exceptional Value" in the Electronics category!

Anthem's Erin Phillips accepts the "Product of the Year" award from SoundStage!

By far the most popular Anthem product at the show was the Statement M1 amplifier. CE Pro named it one of the "Best Products of CES 2012"...

The M1 also performed in the Anthem & Paradigm 2-channel high-end demo. Creating quite the buzz, the demo room featured two Paradigm Reference Signature S8 floorstanding speakers driven by a pair of new Anthem Statement M1 amplifiers. Until now, Class D amplifiers have been shunned in the audiophile world. The M1 enjoys all of the attributes of our award-winning Statement Class AB amplifiers but through exclusive Anthem technologies, goes far beyond the current capabilities of Class A, Class AB and prior Class D amplifiers in the market. The goal of the demo was to be a simple 2-channel demo so that we could let the S8s and M1s shine and we can say with confidence, they did just that.

Calling the M1 a "Hot Product" The Audio Beat spent time in our Demo Room

Also making an appearance was the upcoming Anthem AVM 50v 3D and Statement D2v 3D, expected to be released sometime soon (we can't say more than that at this time)...

That about covers what was new and exciting at CES 2012 for Anthem, however, the coverage was endless including many videos, photos etc. We encourage you to do a Google search to find out all the details from differing perspectives of the show.

Here are few links to picture and video coverage at the show:
  • Click here! for CE Pro's "Best of CES 2012"
  • Click here! for SoundStage! Network's 2011 Product of the Year Awards
  • Click here! for video coverage from HomeTheater on the Anthem Statement M1
  • Click here! for photos & show coverage from Secrets of Home Theater
  • Click here! for "Hot Product" show coverage from The Audio Beat
  • Click here! for video coverage from Digital Trends on the Anthem Statement M1
Click here! to read a summary of CES 2012 Paradigm coverage.