Friday, February 10, 2012

"Anthem’s M1 is an unreserved success at the cutting edge of amplifier design" - Hi-Fi News

Richard Stevenson of Hi-Fi News in the UK got his hand on an Anthem Statement M1 and reviewed it in the latest issue, (which is currently available on news stands). We have covered some of the highlights below but Stevenson approached the review with an unbelievable amount of detail. We hope you will take the time to read the full review.

"The sheer dynamic scale of the presentation is truly breathtaking, putting a Cheshire Cat sized grin on my face almost immediately."

"Their control is seemingly limitless, each bass note etched into the overall sound with class-leading tautness
and astounding clarity. Push the volume some more and nothing sags, gives or sounds strained in any way. The M1 has the high volume dynamic of a well set-up live gig, maintaining an impressive balance even when your trousers are flapping like flags in a breeze."

"I suspect the M1s’ volume reserves are limited only by someone, potentially several streets away, complaining or one of the speakers throwing in the towel. With Infected Mushroom sounding like a top Ibiza dance gig I finally bottled out at close to 110dB at the sofa – mostly because I didn’t want to start the year with a bill for a new pair of tweeters."

"It is easy to describe a large power amplifier as effortless but that is not necessarily an accurate description of the M1s. The sound is strictly focused, tight and polished across the volume range without the sometimes lazy richness that big amps can demonstrate at lower levels. The M1’s speed and transient attack brings an authentic edgy realism to instruments, particular acoustic ones."

"I would go so far to say that if you feed the M1s an immaculately mastered and well recorded tune, they will deliver power, precision and articulation like precious few power amps at the price."

"The underpinning bass line was taut and expressive, never in danger of getting bloated or out of shape. The M1s commanded the speakers to eke out all the depth they could muster but never filled in speaker shortcomings with artificial bloom in the upper LF to compensate."

"Those with small speakers will not be fooled into thinking they have floorstanders by the M1s, but will note the incredible openness and detailing throughout the mid-bass. Those with big speakers – even designs with really wallowing bass drivers – will realise a whole new level of LF grip and articulation down to the very lowest limits of the speaker response."

"The M1s crafted this two minutes of magic into an utterly sublime listening experience that reminded me exactly why I love music and hi-fi so much in the first place."

"Anthem’s M1 is an unreserved success at the cutting edge of amplifier design. It delivers stunning clarity, excellent dynamics and frankly frightening power in a form factor that is practical and energy efficient... the M1 has the ability to thrill with any genre of music. It punches way above its weight in every respect."

To read the full review, pick up the February 2012 issue of HiFi News currently available on news stands.

For more information on the Anthem Statement M1 amplifier, click here!

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