Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jeff Fritz of Ultra Audio picks Anthem's Statement M1 as one of select amplifiers he'd buy for himself!

Jeff Fritz of Ultra Audio
Soundstage! Network Editor-in-Cheif, Jeff Fritz, writes an opinion piece on the Soundstage! Xtreme (www.ultraaudio.com) area of the site called What I'd Buy.

"...these lists I compile are, by definition, limited to the types of products I like enough to pay for with my own money."

And in the piece published on May 1, Jeff focused on power amplifiers.
"Along with loudspeakers, power amplifiers have always represented the largest financial investments I’ve made in my audio system. It’s been my experience that I shouldn’t skimp on amplification, and that once I find a great power amp, it’s easy to stick with it over the long term. (Though whether any audiophile, including myself, actually does so is another subject altogether.) A great amp today will still be a great amp ten years from now."

 Included in Jeff's 'What I'd Buy' powered amplifier list is our very own Anthem Statement M1.

"A terrific laundry list of technologies... massive amounts of power into any load"

"The Anthem Statement M1 monoblock ($7000/pair) is the most powerful amplifier on this list at 1000W (8 ohms), and the only class-D model. It’s an original Anthem design, though -- not ICEpower -- and contains a terrific laundry list of technologies that push its sound into rarefied air. Not only is its sound quality almost beyond reproach, but the M1 is almost unique in its ability to deliver massive amounts of power into any load."

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