Thursday, March 28, 2013

Anthem wins "Best Home Theater Receiver Brand" in Readers' Choice Awards 2013!

It's official! The votes were cast, tallied and as a result named Anthem, "Best Home Theater Receiver Brand" for 2013, as voted by readers and you - our beloved fans and MRX customers from every corner of the world.

Now in its fifth year, the Readers' Choice Awards honor the best products, features and services across more than a dozen categories, ranging from technology to hobbies to parenting and more, as selected by its readers.

From all of us at Anthem, thank you! 
It is an absolute honor.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Anthem's M1 named one of the "Best Affordable, Hi-Tech, Hi-Fi Products on the Market Today"

In his monthly column, Doug Schneider of SoundStage! Network, recently published an editorial piece called: Original thinking: Five of the Best Affordable, Hi-Tech, Hi-Fi Products on the Market Today.

Inspired by affordable hi-tech hi-fi -- products that push the technical envelope but don’t cost more than the common man or woman can afford.... and of those five products, our M1 amplifier was one of them.

"I can understand people having trouble making sense of the Anthem Statement M1 -- it’s a completely different type of power-amp animal... a whopping 1000W into 8 ohms -- or a continuous 2000W into 4 ohms if fed 240V AC -- which makes it the most powerful high-end amplifier I know of anywhere near its price."

"The M1’s case, which is only 2.25” high, is home to quite a few technical innovations, but probably the most important thing to highlight here is the circuitry’s class-D architecture. Not an off-the-shelf module... it’s Anthem’s own design. Because it runs in cool class-D and has an innovative ventilation pipe, it generates little heat."

"Bascom King, of BHK Labs, measured a review sample for us, and it not only met its power specs, it exceeded them by a good margin. As for the sound, or lack thereof, Jeff Fritz had this to say in his February 1 Ultra Audio review:
The sound was clean and clear, but not scrubbed to the point that it ever sounded threadbare or lacking in tonal density. In that sense, the Anthem Statement M1 approached the theoretical ideal of the straight wire with gain. . . . [The pair of them] played it straight by simply amplifying the signal.
-- Jeff Fritz, Ultra Audio
"More power than any audiophile will ever need, neutrality that rivals the best amps out there, a low profile, putting out so little heat that it can be discreetly placed anywhere, and a price that makes sense, all combine to make the radical M1 a true statement in modern amplifier design."

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