Friday, June 11, 2010

Anthem & Paradigm show off their Flagship Pieces in this Parisian themed Custom Home Theater

Award-winning Chicago Interior Designer John Cannon designed a home theater and entertainment zone with hints of an antique Parisian bar decorated with Art-Deco details. Incorporated in the 'zone' was a breathtaking home cinema with Anthem & Paradigm flagship installation by George Georgiou of Cinetec Audio Video Design Centers in Palos Hills, IL.

Filling the rack of this theater is Anthem Statement electronics including the award-winning D2v audio/video processor as well as P2 & P5 amplifiers. The rear of the room includes a curved wall which posed some serious acoustical challenges but Georgiou used the ARC Anthem room correction kit included with the D2v to tame the sound field.

Georgiou chose to deck out the theater in the Paradigm Reference Signature line because as he puts it...

"Paradigm has, at every price point, a speaker that competes with the best of the best in the world... so when I'm deciding which speaker we're going to use in a particular room, I look at the capabilities of each speaker in [Paradigm's] catalog and decide what's going to eb best for the project depending on a budget. With this room, we needed world-class performance, and so we went with S8. I don't know that there's a better speaker for the money."
At the front of the room Georgiou used a pair of S8's and a C5 center channel. However, at the rear of the room, Georgiou wanted to match the S8 & C5 sonically but he couldn't use traditional in-walls in the curved wall. "As good as the guys at Paradigm are, they don't make curved back boxes," he says. But Georgiou found the perfect solution using four Signature W5 speakers, a thing on-wall speaker.

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