Friday, October 24, 2014

"Everything in the MRX 510 is well designed and executed... Anthem has put sound quality front and center" - Secrets of Home Theater

Everything in the MRX 510 is well designed and executed. The setup and menu system are easy to navigate, using ARC is quick and painless, and the amplifier never ran out of power when I pushed it. People look for different things in a receiver. If what you are looking for is sound quality then you should look at the MRX 510 as Anthem has put that front and center.” – Chris Heinonen and Dr. David A Rich

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Monday, October 20, 2014

"...Anthem is a terrific choice. Rarely have we heard a multi-channel amplifier sound so accomplished" - What Hi-Fi? on Anthem MRX 510

When you see 5 stars and the sub-heading of the review is: "If you put sound performance ahead of features this Anthem is a terrific choice. Rarely have we heard a multi-channel amplifier sound so accomplished with music", you know it's going to be a winner. In the case of the What Hi-Fi? review of the Anthem MRX 510, that's exactly what it is! Have read...

"Detail levels are high with the amplifier uncovering layers of information in the most complex of scenes. Tonally, things are spot-on – as would be expected with such capable set-up software – and there’s none of the veiled quality and lack of low-level dynamic expression such equalisation normally adds. We like the top-to-bottom consistency too and the amplifier’s ability to keep its composure when things get demanding, even when volume levels head northward."

"While impressive, it’s not the Anthem’s way with large-scale action films that makes it stand out among good upmarket home cinema amplifiers. Most do that really well. To find out what makes this amplifier different you’ll have to move to smaller scale soundtracks; those that need finesse to sound good."

"Dialogue is delivered with confidence and subtlety with nuances in voices communicated superbly. The Anthem’s midrange is crisp, clear and focused, and has enough in the way of natural warmth to convince."

"It has strong dynamics, a lovely consistency throughout the frequency range and even does a grand job presenting the rhythmical elements of a track. Want an AV amplifier that plays music well? This Anthem is it."

"... judge an amplifier on sound performance alone and it becomes clear that this is one of the standout products below the two grand mark. A home cinema amplifier that can keep music lovers happy too – that is a rare thing indeed."

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Audioholics Digs Deep Into ARC with Anthem's Nick Platsis and Dr. Peter Schuck

One of the most influential products that we have made at Anthem is ARC (Anthem Room Correction). If you're reading this blog, you are probably an Anthem fan boy and know what we're talking about. However, for many dabbling with A/V may not. Regardless of what your level of expertise is, Audoholics has just published a great read for those who want to dig deeper into the roots of ARC and what it's all about.

"When Anthem launched their proprietary Anthem Room Correction solution, commonly known as ARC, in 2007, it received widespread praise from many corners of the industry for a single reason: it worked and worked well.  Fast forward seven years later and most A/V enthusiasts are probably aware of many different room correction systems, including Anthem’s ARC."

"While room correction is becoming more wide-spread, what's less clear is how these systems actually work and the differences between each system.  Even the more knowledgeable audio buffs out there would be hard pressed to tell you the finer details of these systems i.e. what kind of filters they utilize, operational bandwidth, etc. So what did we do? We started peppering the purveyors of Room EQ products with questions in hopes of getting a clearer picture of what  they offer.
As part of our ongoing series on room correction solutions, Audioholics talked with Anthem's Dr. Peter Schuck and Nick Platsis about the various aspects of ARC. "

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