Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Pick the Best Screen for Your Room

When installing your home theater or dedicated theater room, screen ratio, screen size and seating distance are all important factors to consider before starting construction... but how do you know the right combination? 

Well, thanks to the good folks at Screen Innovations, there is a very helpful online tool to determine just that! The SI Seating Distance Calculator is a simple two-step process that will help you determine the right screen size for your room. All you have to do is select the screen ratio from a drop down menu and then using a cool little drag feature (see image above) you pick your seating distance. Once you have done so, your screen size recommendations are listed by: THX Min Size, SMPTE size and THX Max Size.

How cool is that? Now you're ready to shop for the perfect screen.
Click here! for Screen Innovation's "Seating Distance Calculator".

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