Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MRX 700 earns a 5 Star review from What Hi-Fi!

When the headline for an Anthem review includes 5 stars and the quote "well worthy of a serious audition - don't delay", we're listening! (And we hope you are too!) And that's exactly what you'll read when stumbling across the What Hi-Fi review on the Anthem MRX 700.

We'd much prefer that you give What Hi-Fi guys the honor of reading the review on their website, but just ensure that you do, here's a teaser...

"What do you think is important in a high-end multichannel amp? If your answer is sound quality above all else, then Anthem’s new MRX 700 deserves your full attention... All in all this is a terrific performance for the money."

Click here! to read the MRX 700 review by What HiFi.
Click here! for more information on Anthem MRX receivers.

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