Friday, October 26, 2012

MRX 300 earns 4.5 Stars from Trusted Reviews!

Trusted Reviews put the MRX 300 to the test and liked it so much it was given "Trusted Reviews Recommended" status and 4.5 stars (a score of 9/10). 

With top scores in performance and sound quality, this what they had to say...

"There are levels of refinement and raw power at play here that instantly justify the price tag – particularly with ARC working its magic... And sure enough it’s a wonderful performer, delivering a potent yet refined sound with lots of detail and visceral bass – helped along by the nigh-on miraculous effects of ARC, the superb room correction system. It’s for this reason that Anthem gets our recommendation despite its lack of eye-catching features."

This is your "Coles Notes" on the MRX 300 review from Trusted Reviews. In reality, it is a very thorough review, but well worth the read, if you have some time.

Click here! to read the full MRX 300 review by Trusted Reviews.
Click here! for more information on the Anthem's MRX receivers.

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