Monday, October 7, 2013

"Overachievers on the Edge of the State of the Art" - SoundStage! HiFi on the Anthem Statement M1

SoundStage! HiFi recently published an article called "Overachievers on the Edge of the State of the Art: Anthem Statement, Aurelia, Meitner Audio, Simaudo". In this article Doug Schneider talks about four such products and one of them happens to be our very own M1...

"Obviously, the M1’s high power output is impressive, but I’m more taken with how it sounds at low volume levels: extremely quiet, highly resolving, and with a sultry midrange smoothness that I’ve heard from no other class-D design. Fellow-reviewer Jason Thorpe called the M1’s sound “sophisticated” when he used a pair of them to review the Monitor Audio Platinum PL200 speakers for SoundStage! Ultra; while editor-in-chief Jeff Fritz, in his SoundStage! Ultra review of the M1 in January, described it as “darn near the ideal of a straight wire with gain” -- in short, extremely neutral. I agree with Jason and Jeff, which is why a pair of M1s has been part of my review system since I received them several months ago. The M1’s combination of high power, sonic refinement, and modest price makes it an extremely good value -- try a pair and you’ll hear."

Click here! to read the full article from SoundStage HiFi.
Click here! for more info on the Anthem Statement M1 amplifier.

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