Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anthem's MRX 710 a/v receiver earns SoundStage! Network "Reviewers' Choice" status

A fantastic review of our new MRX 710 a/v receiver has been published on SoundStage! Xperience. Earning "Reviewers' Choice" status, we were pleased to read that writer Wes Marshall thoroughly enjoyed his time with our MRX 710. Below are a few quotes that we have taken from the review...

"Anthem’s first priority is high-quality sound. Despite the fact that there have been multiple updates to Dolby, DTS, 3D, and other systems since Anthem last revamped their model line, the company waited, did its research, and came up with upgrades only when it knew they sounded better. And they do. If your No.1 priority is sound quality and you want an AVR rather than a preamplifier-processor, then the MRX 710 is your puppy."

"The Anthem MRX 710 presented a crystal-clear view into these amazing performances... Again, the Anthem receiver was equally at home providing accurate sound for the audiophile, and the necessary switching, decoding, and picture quality demanded by the home-theater enthusiast."

"Over the last two years, we’ve tried several of the finest AVRs: the Marantz 7008 ($1999), the Onkyo NR5010 ($2999), and the NAD T 787 ($3999). While each offered its own take on room correction, none impressed me as much as did Anthem’s ARC 1M. If sound quality is your primary purchasing criterion, then the Performance MRX 710 should be at the top of your list. Even if you have an MRX 700, the MRX 710’s “1M” improvements in ARC and the Advanced Load Monitoring are enough reasons to upgrade."

"...I think that Anthem, with the Performance MRX 710, has achieved its goal of offering the finest possible sound quality."

Click here! to read the full MRX 710 review from SoundStage!
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