Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Anthem MRX 510 strikes again, earning a Reviewers' Choice award and high praise from SoundStage! Network

After previously reviewing the MRX 500 and loving it, Vince Hanada of SoundStage! Network wanted to see what kind of improvements the MRX 510 offered. So we sent him one for review. Along with giving it a 'Reviewers' Choice Award', Vince had plenty of nice things to say about it. Below is a quote taken from his review...

"When I tried Anthem’s Performance MRX 500 A/V receiver, I was wowed by the built-in Anthem Room Correction system, and called that model a true bargain among home-theater receivers. The Performance MRX 510 ups the performance of ARC to provide unprecedented control and feedback for room correction, and raises the bar for home-theater receivers... If you value sound quality and like to take some control over your speakers, as I do, I highly recommend the Anthem Performance MRX 510."

Click here! to read the full review from SoundStage! Network
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