Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Anthem MRX 1120 AV Receiver Earns Kudos from Home Theater Review

Home Theater Review's Dennis Burger put the Anthem MRX 1120 to the test and was more than pleased with the results!
“Simply put, you'd be hard pressed to find better, more even-tempered, controlled and forceful bass without spending a good bit of money on physical acoustical treatments for your room… I only hesitate to call the MRX 1120's stereo performance "perfect" out of fear that Anthem will top it with its inevitable fourth-generation MRX lineup and I'll have to eat my words…Simply put, the MRX 1120 is kind of in a class of its own right now. At the very least, I'm drawing a complete blank when trying to think of any other 11.2-channel receivers that feature this level of multichannel and stereo sonic performance combined with this much customizability” - Dennis Burger, Home Theater Review to learn more about the MRX 1120.

Click here! to read the full MRX 1120 review.
Click here! to learn more about the MRX 1120.

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