Monday, January 31, 2011

"Finally, High-End Audio with an Affordable Price Tag" - Home Theater Magazine

Home Theater Magazine's Fred Manteghian, reviewed the Anthem MRX 700 receiver and was so blown away it hogged the March 2011 cover in addition to the thorough three-page review.  Here's a preview from the review...

"The Anthem MRX 700 is a great-sounding AVR but not one of the Swiss army knife variety. There's no parade of logos across its front panel, but what it has works extraordinarily well. It owes its excellent sound to both the high-quality amplification section and proprietary room correction, which can overcome some limitations in your room and to a much lesser degree, your speakers. It comes down to your priorities. If they begin and end with first-rate sound, you should visit your Anthem dealer. You certainly won't be disappointed. Finally, high-end audio with an affordable price tag."

  "Anthem makes a Statement with the new MRX 700 AV Receiver"

The March 2011 Home Theater issue is available now on the news stands, so pick one up to read the full review.

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