Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Find out why reviewer Myron Ho might hold on to his AVM 60!

Myron Ho of Home Theater Review enjoyed the Anthem AVM 60 so much that he's contemplating keeping it as his new reference AV pre-amp!

"As a reviewer, I must admit that it's easy to become a little jaded. Even some of the best components that arrive on my doorstep don't ultimately inspire me to part with my hard-earned money. After all, if I bought everything that I reviewed, I would be very, very poor. But every so often, I find an exceptional item. The AVM 60 is one of those exceptional items. It is as good as some of the finest two-channel music preamps, all the while offering stunning audio and video performance in home theater--along with world-class room correction software and compatibility with all the latest sound and video formats. It just looks so comfortable sitting there on my component rack, I think I'm going to just leave it there permanently as my new reference AV preamp. Be careful auditioning the Anthem AVM 60--you might just have to buy it, like I did."

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