Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Robert Kanno calls the MCA 525 his "favorite midpriced multichannel amp"

"When I watched Pitch Perfect 2, the MCA 525 allowed me to clearly hear the intricate vocal harmonies in every channel. Not only was there a nice purity in the sounds of the voices emanating from multiple directions, I was also able to hear crowd and audience noise, conversations, and other sounds happening all around me even though some of the voices remained firmly rooted in the front channels. Even with all of these sounds occurring, the soundstage remained layered in the surround channels to provide excellent ambience. In a particularly engaging scene that consists of a riff-off among dueling a cappella ensembles, the beat-boxing of Das Sound Machine and the other groups provided a constant catchy beat that was reproduced especially clearly in the surrounds. There was also some delightful harmonizing by the Tonehangers, and an entertaining cameo by some of the Green Bay Packers performing “Bootylicious.” The MCA 525 let me easily hear the baritone (Josh Sitton) buried deep in the mix as he held down the rhythm, and to track the hulking NFL players as they moved around the stage."

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