Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anthem & Paradigm make Donation to Support Relief Efforts in Japan and Asia-Pacific Region

After a week of global media attention, the mention of the Japan earthquake and Asia Pacific tsunami is no surprise to anyone around the world. But what has very quickly escalated into a historical natural disaster, that has and and will continue to affect the entire world. Non-profit humanitarian agencies and governments internationally are reaching out to lend a hand but the destruction created as a result of such a crisis requires more than that.

Which is why we at Anthem & Paradigm have decided to do what we can to help. Earlier today we donated $2,500 to the Canadian Red Cross and have reached out on our various social media sites encouraging our extended family (Facebook fans and Twitter followers) to consider donating money towards the relief efforts as well.

"Here at Paradigm and Anthem, our hearts go out to the people of Japan and the Asia Pacific region in light of the continuing events in their area of the world. To support the relief efforts, we've donated $2,500 to the Red Cross and encourage our extended family on Facebook to do anything they can." 

- Tim Valters, President & COO

 In response to the March 11, 2011 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese Red Cross has deployed medical tents and over 80 medical teams to the affected area. Volunteers are on the ground providing first aid and search and rescue operations. The Red Cross has started Restoring Family Links activities and emergency relief planning is underway.

 To donate to the Canadian Red Cross please visit: 

To donate to the American Red Cross please visit: 

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