Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Every Bit an Audiophile’s A/V receiver"

Caleb Denison of Digital Trends reviewed the MRX 700 receiver and concluded that it was by far worth the investment. Here are some direct quotes from this excellent review:

"Sophisticated audio processing and outstanding clarity make Anthem's MRX-700 an ideal receiver for audiophiles without the need for fancy design and legacy inputs"

ARC Calibration 

"In our experience, auto-EQ often turns a natural sounding speaker into an overblown, depthless shadow of its former self. The sound we got with ARC engaged, on the other hand, was quiet, full of space and dimension and brought just the right kind of sparkle to the presentation to make movie watching more immersive."  

But Caleb's new love for ARC wasn't the only thing that made him swoon over the Anthem MRX 700 receiver.  His overall experience was summed up as such:

"It doesn’t cram in as many inputs, outputs and ancillary processors as its competition, but it fills the gaps with hardware that delivers musical, true-to-life sound with an authority and finesse that reels you in and refuses to let go. It’s price tag may seem a little steep when considering its feature set against the competition, but the ARC room correction setup, superior power and super quiet processing will be worth the added expense for those who seek the very best sound available in an A/V receiver."

Click here! to read the full MRX 700 review by Digital Trends

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